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Hosted by Editor in Chief Lorenzo Norris, MD, Psychcast features mental health care professionals discussing the issues that most affect psychiatry.

Jul 11, 2018

This week, Dr. Jeffrey Strawn and Dr. Norris continue their conversation by discussing SSRIs vs. SNRIs for pediatric patients. They also get into what to do when a pediatric patient with anxiety requires treatment for comorbid ADHD.
MDedge Pediatric News recently published an ID Consult by David C. Rettew in which Dr. Rettew notes that there are “little systemic data to guide pharmacologic decision making,” beyond first and second-line SSRI followed by SNRI.
You can check out a child psychiatric consult on ADHD and the role of wellness at MDedge Pediatric News. In the consult, Dr. Allison Y. Hall, MD outlines a treatment plan, ideas for parent training, and the role of sleep and exercise.
Also, Dr. RK discusses what she calls a basic human right - voluntariness.