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Hosted by Editor in Chief Lorenzo Norris, MD, Psychcast features mental health care professionals discussing the issues that most affect psychiatry.

Apr 22, 2020

Lorenzo Norris, MD, touches base with Nick Andrews to discuss COVID-19 and to welcome Jacqueline Posada, MD, as an occasional cohost of the MDedge Psychcast.

Dr. Posada, associate producer, interviews Lynne S. Gots, PhD, about treating anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other disorders in the midst of the...

Apr 15, 2020

Lorenzo Norris, MD, interviews Mary D. Moller, DNP, MSN, about taking advantage of the polyvagal theory of anxiety and social engagement during psychotherapy.

Dr. Moller is associate professor of nursing at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash., where she coordinates the psychiatric mental health nurse...

Apr 8, 2020

Jay H. Shore, MD, MPH, returns to the Psychcast, this time to conduct a Masterclass lecture on using telepsychiatry in a regulatory environment that is quickly changing because of the physical distancing forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Shore is director of telemedicine at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression...

Apr 7, 2020

As the nation’s health care system braces for COVID-19 cases, physicians who’ve faced the pandemic first have critical lessons for everyone.

In this bonus episode, two Seattle-area critical care leaders explain how their medical centers are preparing for and responding to their region’s early outbreaks. And they...

Apr 1, 2020

MDedge Psychcast host Lorenzo Norris, MD, interviews Steven Wengel, MD, about the challenges of loneliness in geriatric populations in nursing homes, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Norris also discusses potential interventions with Dr. Wengel, who is a geriatric psychiatrist at the University...